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   mlrAdjustGUI(v,'​add','​colormap',​colormapName)   mlrAdjustGUI(v,'​add','​colormap',​colormapName)
   e.g.: mlrAdjustGUI(getMLRView,'​add','​colormap','​gray'​);​   e.g.: mlrAdjustGUI(getMLRView,'​add','​colormap','​gray'​);​
- + ===== Alt Plugins ===== 
 +There are also a set of alternative plugins that don't come up with the default mlrPlugin. These are located under the directory mrLoadRet/​PluginAlt. Each directory under that one contains a set of plugins that may be site-specific or advanced or undocumented and should only be used by those who know what they are. They are accessed by doing: