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 {{:​mrtools:​main-gui-window-small.png|Main GUI window (Matlab on Linux) - labels coming!}} {{:​mrtools:​main-gui-window-small.png|Main GUI window (Matlab on Linux) - labels coming!}}
 <​html></​div></​html>​ <​html></​div></​html>​
 +On the new GUI (see [[:​mrtools:​tutorialsGLM_v2|GLM version 2]]) the controls are similar and are set as follows:
 +**Thresholds and Visibility of voxels**: The thresholds that are being used for each clipping overlay are set by the combination of Min/Max sliders and boxes, but can also be controlled through the **Edit->​Overlay->​Edit Overlay** window. These thresholds determine whether particular voxels are being displayed as part of the overlay color map or not, but in addition the (alpha) transparency for each voxel can also be controlled. This might be useful if you want to emphasize data with higher statistical significance values. ​
 +The overall transparency of the overlay controlled is by the **Alpha** slider, but the voxel-wise alpha transparency is determined by the alphaOverlay (to get info about the current overlay: **Edit->​Overlay->​Info**,​ to change it, select a different alphaOverlay after **Edit->​Overlay->​Edit Overlay**).