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   SDKROOT='/​Developer/​SDKs/​MacOSX10.5.sdk'​   SDKROOT='/​Developer/​SDKs/​MacOSX10.5.sdk'​
 +In later SDKs, (e.g. SDK=10.13), you can also compile MGL using clang rather than the default c compiler, by: 
 +  - setting the optf in mglMake (e.g. line 209, as of 7/​20/​20):<​code>​ optf = sprintf('​-f %s',​fullfile(fileparts(which('​mglOpen'​)),'​clang_maci64.xml'​));​
 +  - and changing the clang_maci64.xml file to find the 10.13 sdk (e.g. line 120 and 136): <​code>​
 +<​dirExists name="​$$/​Platforms/​MacOSX.platform/​Developer/​SDKs/​MacOSX10.13.sdk"​ /> 
 +<​cmdReturns name="​find $$ -name MacOSX10.13.sdk"​ />
 </​code>​ </​code>​